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Software development

IT personnel leasing

IT consulting

ECo-C initiative

Requirement diagnosis
We advise you, how to improve your business processes through the use of IT.

IT concept/System analysis
We offer you a comprehensive IT concept, tailored to your requirements and possiblities.
A system analysis followed by system design allows you to realize the IT concept within your existing technical constrains and given cost frame.

Platform evaluation
Our specialists will evaluate and find the most suitable hardware and software platform for your system design to make your IT solution work.

We will define the specifications (software requirements, architectural design, detailed design) needed for the realization of your IT solution.

Development methodology
We can advise you in the wide field of software development methodology. We define your tailor suited development process and support its realization with fitting tools.

Using our consulting services you will set the foundations for a working IT solution, which translates your demands, imaginations and ideas into reality.

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