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Finding the right personnel for your IT is a complicated task. Switching the advertisements is more than often not effective.
You need to attract & hire only such employees, that meet your project requirements, which means you have to select from a pool of candidates and hope to find the right ones.
Think about it: how much do you have to invest just to find someone? From deciding upon to hire someone, until finding the right person in such way is very inneficient.

Entrusting the HR company to do it for you is a better choice, but: there is no company, which could offer you "satisfaction/price" ratio of our quality.

Entrusting the Cytotrade is logically the best choice.
We have built a large network of IT professionals, who are ready to work for your company in countries of Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Swiss, Germany, Hungary and other CEE countries.
You don't have to advertise, to wait, to search anymore. We save you all costs related with personnel hiring, we provide you with excellent people at prices without competition.
We have the right staff, right here and right now.

In 90% cases we have supplied our customers with IT professionals in less than 9 days! At no costs at all.

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